When Trump applies a 220% tariff on Bombardier, Theresa May is helpless, and Farage is quiet. Who saves the C-Series? Airbus, yup the French originated, “European” company saves the C-Series. Why couldn’t Theresa May do anything about it? Simple, she can’t go into a trade war with the US without EU backing. This is how the EU apply retaliatory tariffs. Size matters, it provides muscle in any negotiation. The EU, US and China will use size, be it for anti-dumping, protectionism or access to markets. Interesting article here

The EU would specifically target products from Trump support base areas, affecting him directly, and forcing his hand.

You’ll also always get a much better deal when you negotiate with size on your side. The EU basically dictates terms to Algeria and Morocco. China dictates terms to Switzerland.

Size also affects companies. I remember when the U.K. had a huge computer company, ICL in Bracknell, Germany had Siemens, France had Bull, Italy had Olivetti. The US had a huge company called IBM that wiped out all the European companies except Siemens, who now make trains.

Since the EU, there has been an EU wide collaborative company called Airbus, that took on Boeing